History Bites is an educational book series for children. U.S. History Bites is the first book in the series, written by 12-year-old author Solomon Schmidt. Solomon has a passion for history and believes every child can and should learn history at a young age. He has created a beautiful 140 page full color masterpiece that will not only draw kids in and maintain their attention, but most importantly, help them learn significant events from American history in a fun and engaging way. (And grown-ups, don’t be surprised…you’ll be learning right along with the kiddoes.) Now, at age 13, he has also created an amazing 280 page full color second book about the U.S. presidents called U.S. Presidential History Bites. See below for details.

From the Author:
"U.S. History Bites includes thirty topics from American history that I think all children should know. To enhance comprehension, it includes vocabulary and review questions for each section along with a glossary at the back of the book. It serves as a great read-aloud, but can also be enjoyed by independent readers in the earlier grades. Some high school students and adults have even used it as a supplement to their history curriculum. Each section is short enough to read as a bedtime story to help introduce children to foundational United States history. I really hope you like it."

~ Solomon

                                                     U.S. History Bites - $14.95 USD

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From the Author:
"U.S. Presidential History Bites is the second book in the History Bites series. Like the first book, U.S. Presidential History Bites was also written specifically for young children. The goal is to help increase their knowledge of the U.S. presidents. It has 280 full color pages with forty-five sections, including one about the most recent president, Donald J. Trump. To enhance comprehension, it also includes vocabulary and review questions for each section, along with a glossary at the end of the book. It serves as a great read aloud but can also be enjoyed by independent readers, beginning in the primary grades. Both books were written to provide readers with bite-sized chunks of history with the goal of helping them retain what they have read. I really hope you enjoy it."

~ Solomon

U.S. Presidential History Bites - $19.95 USD

Look who's talking about Solomon's books!

Pictured left to right: Mike Schmidt (dad), Cecelia Schmidt (sister),
Kirk Cameron, Solomon, and Lisa Schmidt (mom)

History Bites
“Leave it to a 12-year-old to create my kids’ favorite history book this year! A launching pad for the important stuff. Short and sweet. Easy to use and leaves my kids wanting more history! A homeschool dad’s godsend for a topic kids typically find boring. Well done, Solomon!”

U.S. Presidential History Bites
“He’s done it again! Solomon represents his namesake, sharing wisdom and information in easily digestible bits and bites. I can’t wait to share this with my kids!”

~ Kirk Cameron
Television and Film Actor, Producer,
Homeschooling Father of Six

Pictured left to right: Andrew Pudewa, Cecelia Schmidt (sister), Solomon, and Pamela White (IEW Instructor)

History Bites
“I love this little book! Simple yet fun, easy yet informative, better than ‘A Dummies Guide’ and full of important facts presented in an easy-to-remember way. Solomon has mixed a bit of common sense with a bit of design genius to catch and keep my attention. Now, if only all high school students could learn these basic facts of U.S. History!”

U.S. Presidential History Bites
“Well, Solomon has done it again! Clear and concise, U.S. Presidential History Bites is perfect for quick encyclopedic reading, or even as a source text for exercises in summarizing references. With little quizzes and fun facts, it’s entertaining as well as educational, and very up-to-date, including a section about Donald Trump. It is full of interesting and useful information.”

~ Andrew Pudewa
Director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Bill Potter and Solomon

History Bites
“I am frequently asked how to teach history to young children. I suggest that parents tell
stories and give them history in short bites. Solomon Schmidt has done just that with his first book, U.S. History Bites. It is lavishly illustrated with appropriate images and a text that in a few trenchant sentences gets to the essence of the topic and then finishes with a vocabulary and review page, a perfect little book for the youngest person to whom you want to start teaching history.”

“Noah Webster said ‘every child in America should be acquainted with his own country...As soon as he opens his lips he should rehearse the history of his own country—he should lisp the praises of liberty and those illustrious heroes and statesmen who have wrought a revolution in his favor.’ I recommend Solomon’s bit of wisdom to get you started.”

U.S. Presidential History Bites
“Solomon Schmidt has done it again! In a day when many of the past leaders of our nation suffer from the myopic distortions of the politically correct, you can confidently teach your children the basic facts of the lives of the chief executives using this book. In every case there is good and bad, since all men are sinners, but the providence of God always directs the course of history among the fallible people that rise to high positions of authority. This book is, like Solomon’s previous book, lavishly illustrated and profuse in extras at the end of each chapter. I believe one great benefit of U.S. Presidential History Bites will be to spur interest in further investigation of the lives of America’s Presidents.”

~ Bill Potter
Historian, Landmark Events

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